Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Me and The Devil Blues Chapter 32

Too tired to write a proper post, I'll do it later.
Big thanks to iZN, Hentai69, and Derow for editing this.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Love Lab Volume 10 Chapter 5

They'll be emailing each other more through the rest of this novel. As if it wasn't text-heavy enough... but the cute blushes are worth it.

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I also translated a short Shokugeki no Soma doujin for Red Lantern, check it out if you like Alice Nakiri and Nanao's art.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Updating the List

I'm going to finish this LN chapter this month for sure. I'm tired of seeing it on the list.

To do
Gakkou Kaidan Chapter 28
Love Lab Volume 10 Chapters 5-6
Rokudenashi Blues Chapter 158 
Shokugeki no Soma à la carte Volume 1 Chapter 4
Tail Star Chapter 20 [End]
Teizokurei Monophobia Chapter 5.3
The Book of Alice [Shokugeki no Soma doujin]
Vanilla Spider Chapter 6

Finish after
Keyman Chapter 57

Monday, July 24, 2017

Love Lab Volume 10 Chapter 4

Sorry this took so long. nens has already cleaned/redrawn Chapter 5 (and most of Chapter 6), bless her heart, so as usual it's up to me to build up momentum for releases. Next chapter features the "making of" Eno's birthday video. I promise it'll be out sooner.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Japan Trip 7/2/-7/14

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be in Japan for the better part of the following two weeks. Won't call this a hiatus yet because I may be able to translate on the train or at hotels. If so, I'll commit to Love Lab and Keyman. At least half of the items on the to-do list were supposed to be done this past week, but the end-of-the-month overtime hours and trip planning ate up most of my time. Something tells me Itsukushima Shrine will be worth it.

To do
Gakkou Kaidan Chapter 27
Keyman Chapter 56
Love Lab Volume 10 Chapters 4-5
Pulp Girl [Abe Youichi one-shot]
Tail Star Chapter 20 [End]
Teizokurei Monophobia Chapter 5.3
Vanilla Spider Chapters 2-3 [TLC]

Finish after
Caterpillar Chapter 23
Shokugeki no Soma à la carte Volume 1 Chapter 4

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shin Chimoguri Ringo and the Fishbowl Man completed!

Badass. Also very underused in the story.

It's rather fitting that I finished translating this in June because the manga is saturated with Japanese summer tropes (cicadas, monsoon, watermelon, goldfish scooping). I'm actually headed to Japan in a couple of weeks for the first time in three years so it's also an odd coincidence. We began scanning this in January 2015! Where has the time gone?

The climax to me felt slightly rushed and sparser on visuals, with more "telling" than "showing". A bit of a letdown considering how much I love Abe's art, though the final spread was wonderful. I'm also bothered that we didn't see what happened to some of the named characters afterwards.  But everyone who followed the original series was upset when the magazine went bankrupt and I suppose we're lucky that we got any closure at all.

The story this time was focused on Suika becoming a hero with Zakuro as the antagonist, while the titular two characters were much more passive and less involved. It was still worth my time for the art. Technically I'm not finished yet because there are a few tankobon one-shots, but I think I'll take a break before returning to them. For now, Chimoguri has ended.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dropping Mazoku no Hahaoya

Rakuen Translations just told me they're dropping Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Hahaoya owing to my busy schedule. So if anyone wants to claim it, feel free - it's a popular series and Rakuen might be willing to help if you don't have an editing team. I picked this up when they asked me to after I did a few translations on /a/. At the time I had fun because it was just about a cute demon mother and her son, but my enthusiasm died when the story's tone changed with less interesting (IMO) additions to the cast and moments of heavy drama.

I seem to be cursed with a "tonal change/enlarged cast --> loss of interest" trend for the web-based manga I pick up; it also happened with Senpai Sore Hitokuchi Kudasai and (to a lesser extent) Mahou Shoujo Site. There's a certain light-hearted romcom that I want to pick up after I finish a couple more series, but maybe I should rethink it...